First Credit Advice Limited helps customers who are under huge debt problem. The debt can be secured or unsecured. We offer innovative advice and solutions which will bring relief from your debt.

People usually do not feel comfortable to discuss their debt problems with others and avoid any confrontation with corporate lenders. They usually think that a non-sophisticated customer is in no match with a big bureaucratic institution and hence ignore their right by themselves. By keeping the eyes closed and assuming everything will be ok after some time is the worst someone can do in any kind of debt situation.

We provide help customers in these in desperate situations through a highly skilled and specialised debt advising team. We sell peace of mind to the customers and buy all their debt headache.

First Credit advice Limited offers number of tailored debt solutions to our clients according to their needs, circumstances and priorities. We promise to all our clients the fast track process where we will deal with your matter with full loyalty and dedication. We always provide the best and honest advice to our clients’ and endeavour our best to achieve the best results possible in accordance with the law guidelines on behalf of our client. We are obsessive about helping individuals back on their smooth financial track because our belief is ‘helping people in money matters’.

Have you ever been in one of the following situations?

  • You are paying minimum payments against your credit card bill for some time and it seems that you are only servicing the interest. The outstanding balances do not seem to come down
  • You are unable to pay the Personal Loan or Pay Day Loan and like to reschedule or restructure
  • You need some breathing space from mortgage lender, or you are already in mortgage arrears
  • You have received a letter from collection company or solicitor firm about collection of Mortgage Short Fall debt.
  • You have been Chased for a debt you believe was not yours or more than six years old which you have never acknowledged
  • You have seen a County Court Judgement marked against your name in your credit report for an unknown liability
  • Liability order has been marked against your name for an unpaid council tax bill, business rates etc. and now you have been visited by a bailiff for collection of traffic or council fine which you are not aware of
  • You have never missed any payment against any of your cards or utility bills, yet you have noticed a default against your name in your credit report.
  • Your company is unable to honour the liabilities and you want to make a repayment plan with creditors

If any of the above is YES, then don’t hesitate to call us to get the most appropriate advice.

Message from the Director

Welcome to First Credit Advice Limited, a company established in 2012 and built on the strength of a strong, highly experienced management team prioritizing quality of service for all our customers which is borne out by our successes in keeping longstanding relationships with our customers. First Credit Advice Limited are proud to have a team who can respond to all our clients’ needs working in full collaboration with our clients to deliver the best in class services and solutions.

I was a banking internal auditor by profession and the main idea behind the establishment of this company was to sit on the consumer side of the table to fight and earn their rights in a very legitimate manner from the corporate giants. I am passionate to provide excellent debt counselling and advising services to our customers.

I have also written the debt solution guide which addresses all solutions available in the UK market along with their features. This guide is a ready reference for all who are under debt issues.

At First Credit Advice Limited, we sell nothing but PEACE OF MIND.

Who are we

Incorporated in 2012, we are rendering our services to this debt industry for the last 8 years. We have a highly skilled and committed team. Our strongest marketing toll is the word of mouth which is spread in market by the number of satisfied customers as we sell nothing but peace of mind. Maximum customer satisfaction is achieved through Robust Customer Service and no complaints against us for the past 8 years is our performance indicator.

Authorizations and Registrations

  • Financial Conduct Authority FRN 746010 (Debt Counselling and Adjusting)
  • Member of Standard Financial Statements (SFS) Membership Number 12884853
  • Information Commission Office ICO Z3299816 (Data Protection)

Our main Strengths

  • Multilingual Advisers
  • Online Assessment
  • Customized Debt Solutions
  • Nominal Admin Cost
  • No Hidden Cost or Grey Areas
  • No Wrong Hopes OR Promises